Sep 17, 2012

Metal Vodka for President

OK, so I'm drunk and dyslexic. Correction, not Metal Vodka, but Russian Vodka. Not president, but mayor. Still, story is cool, funny and metal.

According to Russian Times, Sergey Troitskiy (a.k.a. Pauk, Russian for "spider"), the frontman of the Russian heavy metal band Коррозия металла (Corrosion of Metal), is running for mayor in the Moscow suburb of Khimki.

Troitskiy reportedly announced his decision to run for mayor in a series of videos posted on YouTube in which he put forth several "completely absurd" ideas, such as to only recruit Germans as civil servants, to turn the entire town into one big casino and to set up "gigantic oxygen-generating machines" to help Moscow cope with the summer heat. The musician also said that he planned to transform his informal "Heavy Metal Rock Corporation," or KTR, into a political party that would use the KTR acronym but be named "The Corporation of Working People of Russia." Pauk also vowed that if he won the mayoral elections, he would hold the KTR's founding convention in Khimki. FUCK YEAH!!! Hope he wins.

Formed in 1984, Коррозия металла is notorious for its provocative black-humor lyrics and public performances.

Check out the band's best-known song, "Russian Vodka" below. WARNING, WARNING!!!
Unless your boss likes titties (and I bet he does) maybe you should NOT play this at work.

(Source: Blabbermouth)


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