Aug 2, 2012

Slipknotish Black Metal band in a Fedex commercial

You know black metal has reached a cultural "acceptance" when it is featured and ultimately poked fun of in TV commercials.
A corpse-painted, aging and allegedly known as "most dangerous band in the world" is seen veggying in a hotel room with the band's manager (who looks like a bus driver) complaining that their golfing equipment has been spotted at the airport, diminishing their public perception. 'How am I supposed to sell you guys as the most dangerous band in the world when you're seen schlepping golf clubs through the airport?'. The 30-second TV spot is devoid of any "dangerous" music, thus rendering the portrayal pathetic. Mind you, had music been used it would probably sound like Linkin Park.
Could we just go back to 1990 when black metal was exclusively for metal fans? Thank you.


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