Aug 18, 2012

Quest for the Cheesiest Promo Video (part 3)

What do you get when you combine Yanni, a field of sunflowers and growly vocals? A candidate for the Cheesiest Promo Video, of course. The band is called Crematory. And if the song titled “For Love” (from the album 'Awake' released in 1997) isn't metal enough for you, then get ready for the visual that comes along and naturally the lyrics like:

But I would never like to miss the feeling
Once I gave you my heart
And you treat it like your own flesh and blood
Emotions say more than thousand words

With you to the end of the world
To the end of our life
Neither death nor satan are
Capable of separating us

You are the enrichment of my life
You are the vitality of my life
My heart enflames at the sight of you

Enjoy this promo video.


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