Aug 15, 2012

Man willing to pay $232 million lottery winning for GNR reunion

A British man who has won a lottery equivalent to more than $232 million in US dollars vows to spend it in one place. He is going to lure the original Guns N’ Roses lineup to try to force a reunion.

Adrian Bayford, a 41-year-old music shop owner, told reporters that “I think I would just have to get Guns N’ Roses together – the original lineup, mind. I’m a real fan.”

My suggestion is tapping a Hollywood producer and blowing that money on a documentary. May as well turn his efforts into a bit of a comedic entertainment. That'd be pretty original, don't you think? Hey, at least we know there will be no cliffhanger at the end, unless Axhole kills the dude at the end.

Naturally, Bayford is not the first person who has offered Axhole a pile of cash to get the old band back together, it looks likely that Bayford’s efforts will fall short of his expectations. If he is a true fan and knows his fave band's history, he should know the outcome.

Hey, for $232 million, he should at least be able to get a blow job from the entire band.

Source: (Classic Rock Magazine)


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