Aug 8, 2012

CNN labels Hatebreed as white power band

Not a fan of Hatebreed here, but that does not mean that the ever ignorant and vastly right wing CNN can be allowed to simply mislabel them as white power, hatebreeding fascist band blaming them for spreading hate in leu of the recent Sikh massacre in Wisconsin. They placed them on list of "white power" bands whose names "defiantly express feelings of hate or violence."
Hatebreed tweeted earlier today:
"Again @CNN loses all respect. First they ignore the #FREERANDYBLYTHE story now they slander us. We demand a retraction & an apology. #hacks"
CNN responded with a pathetic attempt to straighten the error by removing the post and saying "A previous version of this commentary incorrectly included the band Hatebreed in a list of white power bands. Hatebreed is a self-described 'hardcore metal' band. CNN regrets the error."
C'mon douchebags, "self-described"? That means CNN is basically claiming that "according to the band…" 
As suggested by one of the commenters on Blabbermouth, CNN should enlist the services of a resident metalhead. I totally agree.


Anonymous said...

I'm a black girl and I've hung out with Hatebreed and Jamey numerous times. Nice guys. We go way back. Ugh, reporters need to start doing research before spewing stuff online.

Anonymous said...

Dude really called CNN right wing??? LMAOOOO

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