Aug 2, 2012

Black Metal Man - the video game

I came close to giving a fuck and wasting a buck on what is hailed as "the first black metal video game", but decided to not give into my satanic temptation and use some common sense. Actually I simply don't want to fall prey to this degrading trendiness that is know as black metal lately. This blog is full of news related to black metal and from a serious point, that is not a good thing, but I guess I do have something to write about. I don't want to contribute to the commercialization of this genre, especially that I still give a shit about what is most important, the music, but if you own an iProduct, head over to iTunes and download The First Black Metal video game, called Black Metal Man (blahfffff) at least it comes from Norway, black metal's marketing capital.

As you plug in your dollar, you'll be off on your journey in (I'm taking a guess here) a forest with simple one touch controls, 6 levels, Game Center leader boards and blah, blah, blah, enough hipster mojo to boost your way to the final level in which I assume you'll see the Black Metal Man make a necklace from skull pieces or light something on fire or I don't know what kids do these days, put on some Black Dahlia Murder, I don't know.

Vistit, the Norwegian dude's site that put this thing together. Novelty? Certainly not, this is kvlt as fvck.


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