Jul 27, 2012

Nergal lands on the charts of Forbes Magazine

According to Behemoth's Facebook page, the band's frontman Nergal has been named as one of the most valuable Polish stars by FORBES Magazine.

 Commented Nergal: "That's quite unexpected I must say. Excuse my ignorance but to be honest I've never been a FORBES reader and I'm not sure what this is all about… I reckon it's quite an awarding affair though. Anyway, I really hope I'm the first extreme metal musician that has ever appeared in the pages of this elite magazine. Am I?;)"

You're number 1 Nergal! I'm so glad that chick at number 23 got ahead of him. She's far more photogenic. Nergal landed at number 63 and he makes 359,000 złotych?

(Note to self: I need to change my cat's name to something less exquisite)


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