Jul 28, 2012

Man rescued after sneaking into Nickelback show

According to The Gauntlet, a New York man had to be rescued after falling into a 40-foot hole while trying to sneak into a Nickelback show. Yes, you read that right, sneaking into, not out of, a Nickelback show.

Kevin Beaudette was taken to Albany Medical Centre for treatment from the injuries he sustained outside of the Performing Arts Centre in Saratoga Springs.

Beaudette was drunk at the time, which explains his poor judgement in bands, and was rescued by the local fire department after medical crews were unable to help.

The Centre's president, Marcia White, said of the incident: "Last evening an individual who appeared to be intoxicated, and who was outside the venue, apparently lost his footing and slipped down the embankment that runs along SPAC's Route 50 parking lot."


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