Jul 12, 2012

Female fronted Black Metal from Iraq

You read the headline correctly. No mistake here. This may sound like a heresy and grounds for beheading in an islamic country, but to a True Metalhead this sounds not only insanely brave, but worth spreading the news about. Seeds of Iblis hails from Iraq, country where women not only cannot obtain education or even the freedom to move around, but are often subjected to kidnapping, rape and murder. Calling yourself a metal band from Iraq is a challenge, but adding black metal imagery and musical textures and fronting the band with a female is downright insane!

Anahita, bass player, vocalist and lyricist of Seeds of Iblis who screams "Burn the Quran! Burn the fucking Quran!" in one of the songs is one incredibly brave woman. The band is openly against the state and religion and calls themselves Anti-Islamic Black Metal.

They have one EP to their name, released in 2011 "Jihad Against Islam" and are working on a full length. Check out a teaser below, must admit, I had goosebumps all over.

Also read a story on the band and Anahita from The Atlantic.

(Thanks to Madhav for the tip)


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