Jul 27, 2012

Afganistan's first metal band

These guys do not sound good at all and although apparently they play some original music, what you are about to hear is a cover song, but that is not important. What's important and very real is that these guys are the first metal bands from Afganistan, where this sort of thing does not go unnoticed or without punishment, so show some respect to your metal brethren District Unknown from a war torn country, as this is fairly historic.

"We live under the constant fear of sudden death," said District Unknown guitarist Qasem Foushanji.

One of District Unknown's songs, "The Beast", has lyrics like: "I scream loud and harsh; For you to run away".

"The beast in the song is fear, and if one can defeat fear then they can make a better reality for themselves," says Pedram Foushanji, Qasem's brother, and band's songwriter and drummer.


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