Jun 7, 2012

Nergal sings a country song. No, I'm not fucking with you

OK. So besides battling cancer, the singer of Behemoth has done a lot of non-metal shit in the last little while. Dated a Polish pop star, judged on a Polish Idol, admitted that he loves Depeche Mode, oops, sorry, that was bassist Orion. We expect him to do more crazy shit, but didn't see this one coming.

Nergal has recently traded his growls for some sweet country twang. He made a guest appearance on a new album from Polish singer-songwriter Maciej Malenczuk. Hey, at least the album is called "Psychocountry". Nergal contributes lead vocals to the country song "Highwayman", originally written by American songwriter Jimmy Webb, but sang in Polish. Nergal pays Maciej back in a way, since Maciej Malenczuk loaned his voice on a Behemoth song "Lucifer" which appeared on their latest album called "Evangelion".

You can hear Nergal sing the song in the YouTube clip below. (Nergal sings the first verse.)

Mama! I've got a new song for you!


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