Jun 28, 2012

Brewery wants Slayer, turns down Nickelback

This is not the freshest news, but I think the details of this would-be-deal have just surfaced on the internet. Dark Horse Brewery, small brewery located in Marshall, MI (location should be giveaway that they might actually like music) has turned down an offer from Nickelback to be featured in their music video.

From the company's blog post:
"We received a call today from a producer guy out in Hollywood. It turns out that a big famous rock band wants to use our beer in their video that’s being shot in two weeks. The guy on the phone said, “we’d like to have your delivery truck pull up to this frat party and wheel up a bunch of Dark Horse, then we’ll get some crowd shots of the kids holding your cans”. Aaron replied “we don’t do cans we have bottles”, the guy said that would be fine. It’s obvious that this would be a great opportunity for us and maybe get some mainstream youth into craft beer rather than the swill. However, none of us at the brewery really care for the band (or frat parties) so our knee jerk reaction is “no thanks”. But how cool would it be to see our beer in a video? Aaron said, “Why cant it be some cool band like Slayer?” The guy that called said the lead singer is familiar with our brand. What does that mean? Does the lead singer of Nickleback drink craft beer? Anyway we have until Monday to give them our answer. While we think about this we’d like your opinion. What should we do?"

Eventually the company declined and when the story started picking up steam two years after the fact, Michigan Live contacted Morse for his thoughts now on the matter:

...Morse said he stands by his decision, although he could've made a lot of money from the exposure.
"I absolutely hate that band," Morse said today. "It's shit rock and roll that doesn't deserve to be on the radio."

TrueMetalhead.com has nothing but TON OF RESPECT for the owner. Hailz brother.


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