Jun 21, 2012

Boyband catches on fire

OK, so this is sooo NOT metal, but so FUN (or SAD, I'm confused).

So this boyband called The Wanted or Too-Bad-They-Were-Not-Aborted, (I can't remember the name) have revealed that during their stage performance, their guitarist was set on fire.

The chart toppers (or zit poppers) revealed that the incident occurred when the musician stood too close to the band's pyrotechnics and set his hair alight. (Ok, does he not know that he should be staying off the stage somewhere between the water cooler and a chest of teddy bears?)

The boyband are currently enjoying huge success in America (admittedly I never heard of them and neither will the general public a year from now - I know, I'm generous), but have already been a part of huge controversies such as their refusal to apologize to Christina Aguilera after calling her a "bitch" following a meeting on the US version of The Voice. Wow, those dudes are rebels, huh!? I bet they stay up way past their bedtime drinking koolaid and watching Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.

Check out more at Gigwise.com.


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