Jun 10, 2012

90 year old Christopher Lee's 100% metal album out soon

The biggest metalhead that side of 80+, the legendary actor Christopher Lee, who has appeared in such cinematic milestones as "Lord Of The Rings", "Star Wars", "The Man With The Golden Gun" and "Dracula", has celebrated his 90th birthday by releasing a second heavy metal album.

The singer-actor's first creation, "Charlemagne: By The Sword And The Cross", which won critical acclaim, was more symphonic than the upcoming "Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death".

He told BBC Radio 5 "Up All Night"'s Jamie Stangroom how he got involved in the genre.

"I was first introduced to metal when I sang with a [band] called Rhapsody," he said. "But what I sang was not heavy metal; I sang with a tenor. Then I worked with Manowar as a narrator, I think it was in Germany, and again, that was not me singing metal. I became rather fascinated by this, 'cause in terms of history of music, it's fairly recent, really. And if it's properly done and you can understand the story and you can understand what the people are singing and you have the right bands and the right singers, I think it's rather exciting.

The single "Let Legend Mark Me As The King" has just been released as a teaser for the upcoming "Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death" album. Check out an audio sample at Amazon.com.

(Thanks to Mandy Delamuerte for the news tip)


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