Jun 29, 2012

25 years of Earache Records


One of the finest metal labels Earache, celebrates 25 year anniversary with a sale you don't want to miss.

Beginning this Sunday, July 1st, every day a different classic from the label's rich history will be discounted on the official Earache Webstore, as well as iTunes, and all will be less than £5 GBP/$7 USD.  The albums will each be discounted for one day only however, so don't forget to check back daily for more killer classics!

The incredible albums on offer are:

July 01: Napalm Death - Scum
July 02: Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
July 03: Entombed - Left Hand Path
July 04: Carcass - Heartwork
July 05: At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
July 06: Decapitated - Nihility
July 07: Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying
July 08: Deicide - The Stench of Redemption
July 09: Evile - Enter the Grave
July 10: Terrorizer - World Downfall
July 11: Godflesh - Streetcleaner
July 12: Hate Eternal - I, Monarch
July 13: White Wizzard - Over the Top
July 14: Cauldron - Burning Fortune
July 15: Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
July 16: Oceano - Depths
July 17: Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium
July 18: Iron Monkey - Our Problem
July 19: Cult of Luna - Salvation
July 20: Cerebral Bore - Maniacal Miscreation
July 21: Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos
July 22: Bonded By Blood - Exiled to Earth
July 23: Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain
July 24: The Haunted - The Haunted Made Me Do It
July 25: Massacre - From Beyond

To grab these brutal bargains, head to the Earache Webstore in Europe at www.earache.com/webstore or in North America at www.earache.com/uswebstore

Jun 28, 2012

Death to All marriage proposal

A dude proposed to his girlfriend during "Death To All" trek, which features a majority of DEATH's amazing musicians, celebrating the life and music of Chuck Schuldiner, as well as raising awareness of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund — a charity that provides financial assistance to career musicians faced with illness, disability or age-related problems.

Long time DEATH fan, Kyle Messick came on stage and said: "So I've been with this lovely lady for four years now, she's pretty great. We may disagree on the little things, like what the best DEATH album is. But I love her very much and I don't wanna stop at four years. So right now I'm gonna ask you, Crystal, if you'll marry me."

I have tears of joy running down my ass crack right now, that was so sweet Kyle.
No seriously, best of luck to you both. Oh, and Death's best album although far more simplistic than latter offerings, has to be "Leprosy". Case closed.

Check out more about Death to All tour here.

Brewery wants Slayer, turns down Nickelback

This is not the freshest news, but I think the details of this would-be-deal have just surfaced on the internet. Dark Horse Brewery, small brewery located in Marshall, MI (location should be giveaway that they might actually like music) has turned down an offer from Nickelback to be featured in their music video.

From the company's blog post:
"We received a call today from a producer guy out in Hollywood. It turns out that a big famous rock band wants to use our beer in their video that’s being shot in two weeks. The guy on the phone said, “we’d like to have your delivery truck pull up to this frat party and wheel up a bunch of Dark Horse, then we’ll get some crowd shots of the kids holding your cans”. Aaron replied “we don’t do cans we have bottles”, the guy said that would be fine. It’s obvious that this would be a great opportunity for us and maybe get some mainstream youth into craft beer rather than the swill. However, none of us at the brewery really care for the band (or frat parties) so our knee jerk reaction is “no thanks”. But how cool would it be to see our beer in a video? Aaron said, “Why cant it be some cool band like Slayer?” The guy that called said the lead singer is familiar with our brand. What does that mean? Does the lead singer of Nickleback drink craft beer? Anyway we have until Monday to give them our answer. While we think about this we’d like your opinion. What should we do?"

Eventually the company declined and when the story started picking up steam two years after the fact, Michigan Live contacted Morse for his thoughts now on the matter:

...Morse said he stands by his decision, although he could've made a lot of money from the exposure.
"I absolutely hate that band," Morse said today. "It's shit rock and roll that doesn't deserve to be on the radio."

TrueMetalhead.com has nothing but TON OF RESPECT for the owner. Hailz brother.

Jun 27, 2012

Three Strikes - Say Goodbye to Your Net

British internet users who still use illegal download sites will start to receive warning letters as of 2014, as part of Ofcom's previously announced "three strikes" rule.

ISPs will be ordered to send letters to customers whose connection has been used to pirate digital content, whether they personally downloaded the files or not.
Customers who receive three or more warning letters could have their information passed to copyright holders, who could then sue for copyright infringement and face substantial fines. They could also lose their internet connection.

The "three strikes" policy takes effect in 2014, but campaigners have raised concerns over the potential for innocent broadband customers being blamed for the actions of other members of their family, or even hackers who discreetly access their connection in secret.

Read the rest at UltimateGuitar.com

Jun 22, 2012

Periodic Table of Metal

What's your periodic symbol?

(click to enlarge and vote)

(Thanks to Todd for discovering this)

Jun 21, 2012

Boyband catches on fire

OK, so this is sooo NOT metal, but so FUN (or SAD, I'm confused).

So this boyband called The Wanted or Too-Bad-They-Were-Not-Aborted, (I can't remember the name) have revealed that during their stage performance, their guitarist was set on fire.

The chart toppers (or zit poppers) revealed that the incident occurred when the musician stood too close to the band's pyrotechnics and set his hair alight. (Ok, does he not know that he should be staying off the stage somewhere between the water cooler and a chest of teddy bears?)

The boyband are currently enjoying huge success in America (admittedly I never heard of them and neither will the general public a year from now - I know, I'm generous), but have already been a part of huge controversies such as their refusal to apologize to Christina Aguilera after calling her a "bitch" following a meeting on the US version of The Voice. Wow, those dudes are rebels, huh!? I bet they stay up way past their bedtime drinking koolaid and watching Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.

Check out more at Gigwise.com.

Jun 19, 2012

Dress your dog like a rock star

Got a dog going bald? How about a duck? Wanna put a bandana and a duck face on your dog? Head over to PetSmart.com where your favourite and award winning rock star Brett Michaels has got a the right gear and poison for your pet.

The new Brett Michaels Pets Rock collection. Available exclusively at PetSmart stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and online at PetSmart.com, the collection includes toys, beds, apparel, collars, leashes, and bowls — everything your pet needs to go from the backyard to backstage and beyond.

So give your cross dressing dog a chance you never had and watch the bitches go crazy.

Read the whole story at Blabbermouth

Jun 18, 2012

Real Rock Drummer for NON-pussy band

Another great Craigslist post courtesy of MetalSucks.
(Click to enlarge)

Jun 15, 2012

Best and Worst Stage Moves in Metal

Everybody has stage moves, but does that mean they are good? As part of Metal Injection's ongoing "Ask The Artist" series, the question of best and worst stage moves was posted to members of Dragonforce, The Black Dahlia Murder, All Shall Perish, Fit For An Autopsy, Obey The Brave, The Acacia Strain, Skeletonwitch, Last Chance To Reason, The Contortionist, Holy Grail, Periphery, Iwrestledabearonce, Hung, Overkill, God Forbid and Unearth and the answers were pretty funny. Watch the video below.

Best And Worst Stage Moves In Metal - Part 2

Best And Worst Stage Moves In Metal - Part 1 (2011):

Jun 13, 2012

Bastards Lager launched by Motorhead

Tired of getting liquired using the same crappy beer all the time? An alert from Hennemusic.com should send your thirsty ass looking for a brand new brew blessed by Lemmy himself. Sounds like a repeat of last year's booze story? Perhaps, but this time legends Motorhead launched their own brand beer in addition to their red wine – Motorhead Shiraz.

Bastards Lager is brewed by Swedish brewery Krönleins and can be ordered by the whole case from Systembolaget, the Swedish state liquor shop.

"You're never too old for rock 'n' roll and good chilled beer. That always works well together!" says Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee.

The Bastards will not be mistaken for a Miller or Busch. It is easily recognizable, features the world-famous Motorhead logo, along with the slogan: Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers.

For more information, visit www.motorheaddrinks.com.

Jun 11, 2012

How to get Nickelback. Or $45.

This is one of the better newspaper concert previews I've read.

Source: The Chive via Metalsucks.

Jun 10, 2012

90 year old Christopher Lee's 100% metal album out soon

The biggest metalhead that side of 80+, the legendary actor Christopher Lee, who has appeared in such cinematic milestones as "Lord Of The Rings", "Star Wars", "The Man With The Golden Gun" and "Dracula", has celebrated his 90th birthday by releasing a second heavy metal album.

The singer-actor's first creation, "Charlemagne: By The Sword And The Cross", which won critical acclaim, was more symphonic than the upcoming "Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death".

He told BBC Radio 5 "Up All Night"'s Jamie Stangroom how he got involved in the genre.

"I was first introduced to metal when I sang with a [band] called Rhapsody," he said. "But what I sang was not heavy metal; I sang with a tenor. Then I worked with Manowar as a narrator, I think it was in Germany, and again, that was not me singing metal. I became rather fascinated by this, 'cause in terms of history of music, it's fairly recent, really. And if it's properly done and you can understand the story and you can understand what the people are singing and you have the right bands and the right singers, I think it's rather exciting.

The single "Let Legend Mark Me As The King" has just been released as a teaser for the upcoming "Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death" album. Check out an audio sample at Amazon.com.

(Thanks to Mandy Delamuerte for the news tip)

Jun 7, 2012

Nergal sings a country song. No, I'm not fucking with you

OK. So besides battling cancer, the singer of Behemoth has done a lot of non-metal shit in the last little while. Dated a Polish pop star, judged on a Polish Idol, admitted that he loves Depeche Mode, oops, sorry, that was bassist Orion. We expect him to do more crazy shit, but didn't see this one coming.

Nergal has recently traded his growls for some sweet country twang. He made a guest appearance on a new album from Polish singer-songwriter Maciej Malenczuk. Hey, at least the album is called "Psychocountry". Nergal contributes lead vocals to the country song "Highwayman", originally written by American songwriter Jimmy Webb, but sang in Polish. Nergal pays Maciej back in a way, since Maciej Malenczuk loaned his voice on a Behemoth song "Lucifer" which appeared on their latest album called "Evangelion".

You can hear Nergal sing the song in the YouTube clip below. (Nergal sings the first verse.)

Mama! I've got a new song for you!

Jun 6, 2012

Babies headbanging to Slayer

It's International Slayer Day!
Thank you Metal Injection for this one.

Megadaves got stoned on stage in Croatia

I'm not sure if Megadaves were reading bible scriptures or what, but it looks like hardcore Jesus band Megadeth got stoned on stage last night. Yeah, stoned, as in pelted with rocks and cheap beer bottles. According to Venia-Mag.net, Megadaves performed an abbreviated set last night (Tuesday, June 5) at the Metalfest Open Air at Zadar Beach in Zadar, Croatia after members of crowd were flipping off the band and throwing stones and bottles at Megadeth following the cancelation of two of the festival's other main-stage acts.

Although there has been no official statement on the matter, it appears that Dark Tranquility was forced to pull out of the event due to "technical problems," while W.A.S.P. refused to play following a rumored backstage disagreement with Megadeth over other technical issues.

Unfortunately the video portraying the stoning has been removed. A short pre-show video message from Megadeth bassist David Ellefson in which he can be heard saying rather prophetically, "The stage is set for the pandemonium to begin tonight."

Jun 1, 2012

Axhole Rose bans Slash on a shirt

Hitler, umm... I mean Axl Rose did it again. Not only does the axhole show up late as usual, and storms off the stage like a bitch, but according to NME.com, a fan attending Guns 'N Roses concert at London, England's O2 Arena last night (May 31) revealed that he was told to remove his shirt before entering the venue because no one was allowed in wearing merchandise bearing the likeness of the band's former guitarist Slash. NME.com's source then asked security if this was the case and was told by a member of the venue's team, "We were told by the management not to allow anyone into the O2 Arena who is wearing a Slash T-shirt and we are asking anyone who is to remove it, and if they refuse, they will be turned away.

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