Apr 3, 2012

Violence against Metal

According to the Manchester Evening News, a 16-year-old British heavy metal fan was attacked by a gang of up to 15 youths who apparently disapproved of his clothes and long hair. Ben Moores was called "mosher" and "freak" as he was punched and kicked to the ground during the incident, which took place in a town close to where Sophie Lancaster was beaten to death in 2007.

Seven teenagers aged 14-18 were arrested on suspicion of affray in connection with the assault. They were bailed until May 17.

Said Moores: "When they got me on the floor, I thought I was going to die. There was no stopping them — they wouldn't let me up. I had blood all over my face by the end.

"When I was getting kicked and stamped in my head and on my wrists and my hair was being pulled out, there was nothing I could do. Thinking about it now makes me shiver in shock. They were only doing it because of the way I look and because I’ve got long hair and like heavy metal music. It's all because I dress a bit different and have different interests."

Lancaster and her boyfriend were beaten comatose by a gang of youths, because of their goth looks, and Sophie later died from her injuries. This tragedy sent shockwaves throughout the world.

Source: Blabbermouth


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