Apr 17, 2012

Mission to Lars

 Seems like anything related to Metallica has a possibility of gaining audience, making money, getting noticed. In real Metal World it is also a case of lost credibility. Reports of Metallica-related stories, book and even movies are omni-present, here at True Metalhead they are simply exposed and labeled "me-want-some-press".

Here is another Metallica documentary movie. Synopsis is simple. Disabled dude wants to meet Lars so bad he goes on a transatlantic quest to find him. Shouldn't be that hard. Surely the star's house can be seen from a neighbouring galaxy.
Metallica gave us their own Spinal Tap rip-off (Some Kind of Monster), they're working on a Hanna Montana-type 3D adventure.

What's next?
Men's hair restoration clinic on a quest to regrow Lars' mullet?


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