Apr 5, 2012

Euronymous' face could end up on a side of an aircraft

There is a contest in Norway in which the public will vote for their favorite among the country's cultural figures. The winner would have his portrait depicted on one of Norwegian Air's new aircrafts. Among the top 20 is Euronymous, a prominent figure in the Norwegian black metal scene. The infamous MAYHEM musician and martyr whose blown carcass has graced the cover of Dawn of the Black Hearts has many credentials and has become a cultural icon in Norway.
I am shocked and in total disbelief that Varg Vikernes is absent on the top 20 list.
Imagine if it came down the wire and the final showdown was between the two Satanic icons?
At that point you may as well put their faces side by side and fly the plane into the Grønland Church.

(read the story here - it is in Swedish)


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