Mar 14, 2012

Smashing Strippers

 According to The Pulse Of Radio, SMASHING PUMPKINS frontman Billy Corgan blasted the current state of the music industry and alternative rock on Monday (March 12) in an interview conducted by author Brian Solis at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. Corgan joked that even artists with real talent would have to set themselves "on fire on YouTube" to attract attention nowadays, before he took a poke at the mentality he said was pervading the music business. Corgan explained, "[Artists that break through now] have grown up thinking that being famous is the goal. Not to be respected. Not to be dangerous." But, he warned, "[Once you make that deal] you're just the fresh stripper."

Corgan admitted to going through many of the same problems when his band was coming up, saying, "I knew I was being exploited."

Man, Billy looks a lot like Wolf Hoffman, eh? Just doesn't sound like him or have the same credibility.


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