Feb 18, 2012

UFO's Last of the Bone Riders cover revealed

The classic hard rockers UFO have changed their mind at the last minute and decided to stay hidden in the closet, as their new album "Last of the Bone Riders" got scrapped in favor of a much tamer alternative. Turns out the band consulted Urban Dictionary and verified that Bone Riders has less to do with Indiana Jones sequel and more with gay porn. The image of hot young lads was also deemed inappropriate and misleading, as the band in their current state looks more like the Lemon Party than the Hot Young Latino Cornhollers. So, like a good salad "Last of the Bone Riders" gets tossed into the "never-to-be-seen-or-heard" bin along with Lulu and we instead get a brand spanking new "Seven Deadly" album with a much less masculine cover. CD will be due on February 27 via STD/Steamhummer.


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