Feb 24, 2012

Deicide sends Jesus to Hell

OMG! This is supposed to be an official promo video for Deicide's "Conviction" from "To Hell with God".
For a brief while my jaw dropped and I thought this was a fan-made joke video.

You can judge this for yourself. In this eye-candy of a brutal assault on your senses, Glenn Benton, while on his Harley of course, chases Jesus all the way to hell. All done in clay-mation no less! What more can I add. Just watch and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Well firstly, that video is extremely funny. Claymation Glen and papier mache Jesus, why not. Secondly, the music, fundamentally crafted by the real talent behind anything Deicide do, Steve Asheim, is as usual magnificent. But for fucks sake is this Satan vs Jebus thing STILL going on in Benton's head? It's as ridiculous as the fundie Christians he claims to hate. It's also very 80s. I simply refuse to believe he actually sits around at home these days wishing death on non-believers. Part of me is just amazed this loon-bucketry of Benton's continues.

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