Jan 13, 2012

Uncle Ted's gotta bullet with… his name on it

According to Music-News.com, ammunitions company Pierce Munitions will start producing the Nugent-branded ammo in the next few months.

You can now help Uncle Ted crusade with his own branded bullets.

The hunting ammunition will come in a variety of calibers and can be used in hand-guns, a 44 magnum and various rifles.

'My life, family and friends are one big shooting, hunting, outdoor family. I am excited and proud to now help create state-of-the-art ammo for dedicated sporters everywhere,' Ted said in a statement on Blabbermouth.net.

So, don't walk, run to your local gun shop and order yourself a box of Ted's own bullets, c'mon, you can't shoot a deer with a Walmart-branded bullet, can you?

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