Jan 25, 2012

Steel Panther too much for Brits

Turns out that Steel Panther and their over-the-top artwork and general behaviour have been deemed as "gone-too-far" in the U.K.

It is inconclusive if flashing the Shocker, the portrayal of steel balls or a the partially scratched "dollar sixty-nine" sticker pushed the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to make that decision, but if you live in England you will likely not see any posters or the artwork for "Balls Out".

The band's label, Universal Island Records, countered that it was meant to be so over the top that no one would take it seriously and so it didn't actually undermine women, adding that it was mostly put up in places like clubs and bars where adults went for nights out and they weren't aware of them being close to any schools.

An alternate english version of the album looks like this:

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