Jan 5, 2012

File Sharing is Officially a Religion

In Sweden, file sharing has officially been recognized as a religion by the Swedish government agency Kammarkollegiet. The Church of Kopimism applied for religious status three times over the course of more than a year before finally succeeding just before Christmas.
The church, which holds CTRL+C and CTRL+V (keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste) as sacred symbols, was denied religious status twice before when authorities requested they formalize the way they pray or meditate. Followers of the church, known as Kopimists, now organize religious file-sharing ceremonies called “kopyactings” where members share information with each other.
BTW, their website would pretty much give any 1995 website an award for stunning design.

I now officially declare Syccology as a religion and naturally my Psycho Dungeon is thy church. Come to the mass this Saturday. BYOB.

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