Jan 23, 2012

Episode 3 - Beyond Obituary Notices

Moods change and tempers flare and despite attacks from various sources, Metal Detector vows to stay on until the cops break the door down.

Donald Tardy from Florida death metal pioneers Obituary runs an animal rescue shelter called Metal Meowlisha and pays a visit to the show while bringing awareness to growing problems abandoned cats are faced with. Donald and his wife have been helping these animals in the streets of Tampa for seven years. Metal Detector also mentions SOPA and the dangers this organizations carries while posing as a solution to ending online piracy. Enjoy the ever so angry and relentless Metal Detector show as you sample music from Demonic Ressurection, Mastadon, Obituary, Decapitated, Loincloth and Death Creator and hear another On the Record segment. Subscribe, rate and if you hate the show, go for the jugular.

Huge thanks to Dino Cazarez and FEAR FACTORY (I use the intro to Zero Signal from Demanufacture as a big fan of the band) - also massive thanks go to Mandy Delamuerte for her spoken parts to Metal Detector. Last song on the show is from Omar's Death Creator, Mandy's husband's band. He is also an active member of Xoltol and Yaotl.


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