Dec 31, 2012

Heavy New Year

Stay safe wherever you may end up.

Dec 29, 2012

Dragonforce selling Capital One banking services

Guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman of Dragonforce are not only fast at playing, but they can also bank fast as well. Their ultra fast licks and hordes of kids with plastic guitars trying to do the same was enough of a grabber for Capital One to feature those two axemen in their new commercial promoting Capital One mobile banking. While it is cool that they were offered a commercial spot especially here in North America, the execs at Capital One must have some teens at home still playing Guitar Hero, oblivious to the fact that the band's new album, "The Power Within" isn't selling nearly as well as their previous effort "Ultra Beatdown". Hey suits! It's not 2006 anymore, you know?

Hammer Smashed Face cartoon

C'mon, give MS Paint credit where it's due.
This could never work using Adobe After Effects or Cinema 4D.

Goalkeepers of the Faith

What do Marcus Hahnemann and Richard Zając have in-common?
In their day time jobs they put on gloves, stand between two poles and try to stop the ball from crossing the white line. In the evening they defend something else. The metal faith. Yes, these two are soccer goalkeepers who also love metal.

Marcus Hahnemann, who sounds like he'd have a brother Jeff in Slayer, used to play for Wolverhampton Wanderers of the English Premier League, and currently plays for Seattle Sounders FC in Major League Soccer. The 40-year-old enjoys Five Finger Death Punch and although that sounds like a technique he uses on the pitch, he says he uses metal to psych himself before each game. He also loves Machine Head, Slipknot, Mastodon and Tool among others.

“During the World Cup in Germany I had the chance to meet Tool who are my favourite band of all time,” he told Kerrang Radio. “Kasey Keller and I went backstage at their show and I’m still really good friends with Justin (Chancellor, Tool bassist) to this day. I’ve seen them I don’t know how many times.”

A true legend, he snuck on stage with Tenacious D at Reading 2010 and earlier this year recorded a track with Reading thrash metallers Malefice called ‘Omega’.

Richard Zając is a Slovak goalkeeper currently playing for Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała in Polish Extraklasa. 36 year-old Richard loves death and black metal especially Satyricon, Marduk and Nile.
"I still listen to a discman" laughs Richard citing that mp3s don't sound nearly as good. He claims: "I love going to shows, but I never get in the pit". While he is friends with his countrymen Pathology Stench, Richard says that the best concert he's ever seen had to be Behemoth. "I saw a ton of shows, but the one that one made the biggest impression on me. They sound amazing and put on incredible show".

See Top 10 Heavy Metal loving footballers according to Kerrang!

Top notch South African Black Metal

I have to admit, I'm enjoying most everything about this South African band called Crow Black Sky.
The official video for "Stars of God" really sold me on them. It's epic and stylish. Music rubs off a plethora of different styles, including elements of progressive, classical and atmospheric.

Formed in Cape Town, South Africa, back in early 2009, Crow Black Sky features a blend of Amon Amarth, Opeth and Behemoth built upon a foundation consisting of three seven-string guitarists.

Listen and watch the song "Stars of God" below and check out the band's official site here where you can even download the album "Pantheion" for free.

Dec 28, 2012

Scooby Doo goes Death Metal

With a bit of help from The Faceless, Scooby Doo enjoys some death metal.
Remember Scooby Doo and Sepultura?

Coolest Death Metal Grandparents

Wow! This so beats my grandmother singing along to Judas Priest. (No vid, sorry, there was no YouTube back in 1983)

I just love how in the video below, the grandma is coaching grandpa. She's telling him to bang his head. Man, they are more animated than Slayer on stage these days. Hell Yeah!

Death Metal Barbie Girl cover song

I know I shouldn't touch this. Even for a low-flying, bored-to-the-core, sarcasm factory like TrueMetalhead, this is too risky and frankly too lame, but the news is slow, and I like to keep the stories  coming. Hey, even Blabbermouth did this, so shut up!

Simone "Som" Pluijmers, former frontwoman for Scottish death metallers Cerebral Bore, has uploaded her brutal vocal cover version of "Barbie Girl", the 1997 breakthrough single from the Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group Aqua. Check it out below, and try not to vomit. I think Simone is already doing that.

This Slayer cover song is unlike any other

Pretentiousness aside, this Snowy Shaw cover of Slayer actually kinda rules.
If you think that statement contradicts itself, you need to hear this track, which does sound like something Dimmu Borgir would do.

Snowy Shaw (Therion, King Diamond, Dream Evil, Dimmu Borgir) makes a guest appearance on several tracks on "Révisionnisme", the third studio album from The CNK, the French martial industrial/electronic black metal.

A covers album takes on a truly bizarre array of famous pop, rock and metal standards, "Révisionnisme" features the following tracks:

01. Gadd Ist Godd (Gary Glitter medley)
02. Sabotage (Beastie Boys)
03. You Could Be Mine (Guns N' Roses)
04. Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen)
05. Blood Is Thicker Than Water (Impaled Nazarene)
06. Seasons In The Abyss (Slayer)
07. Too Fast For Love (Mötley Crüe)
08. Weisses Fleisch (Rammstein)
09. Where The Wild Roses Grow (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
10. I Am The Black Wizards (Emperor)
11. Blood Is Thicker Than Snow (Impaled Nazarene)

(Source: Blabbermouth)

You should also check out Snowy Shaw covering (karaokeing?) King Diamond.

Dec 27, 2012

This band sucks worse than your girlfriend

Remember your first band you started in junior high? If you do, you were probably very proud of your music, even though it sucked ass.

No matter how badly your band sucked, thanks to MetaSucks I just found a bunch of dudes who could worship you, and to whom you, and your 12-year-old buddies were pure virtuoso geniuses.

If you can make it half way through this video, while you start wondering how these dudes got those stand-ins, be sure to check out the guitar solo. Forget Marty Friedman or Joe Satriani. I just found your new Guitar Hero.

Dec 26, 2012

FREEBIE! - Visionaries "The Corrupt Mindset"

Hopefully Metal Santa brought something special for you, but if not, don't worry, TrueMetalhead has got you covered.

Florida metallers Visionaries are offering their album "The Corrupt Mindset" as a free download, and let me tell you, it is worth your time and worth some money as well (which you can pay by naming your price if you chose) There is a catch though, the album is indeed free, but only today, December 26th.

You can get it from BandCamp.

Dec 24, 2012

Top 10 Metal Xmas songs

Check it out over at Metal Hammer.
Enjoy, Stay True and Happy Holidays to all readers of True Metalhead.

Dec 22, 2012

Top 10 most unsexy metal album covers

Displaying some skin on an album cover is not a guarantee that it will turn out sexy. Just remember, I could have picked a gazillion sick, sick, SICK gore grind album covers, but I didn't because, well, this is a family-oriented blog.

10. SCORPIONS - Animal Magnetism

Scorps where synonymous with symbols of sex, Klause Meine, cover of Virgin Killers or Lovedrive.
In this case, the dude is about to get blown by a dog. While the doberman watches. Uh! SICK!

9. RAVEN - The Pack is Back

How do you make a successful return? Well, when you were returning in the 80s, you would borrow wardrobe from Manowar. Uhm... what wardrobe?

8. TED NUGENT - Love Grenade

Unless you get a hard-on when you see a gun, or in this case a grenade, there is nothing sexy about Ted Nugent, whether he is on the cover or not.

7. THE GREAT KAT - Bloody Vivaldi

Just because you claim you can shred, doesn't mean you should put your blood soaked saggies on the cover.


Aaah. Nothing like having a relaxing bath with... AAAAAAAARRRGHH!!!!!
Oh, it's only a rubber duck, phew!

5. DEVOURMENT - Molesting the Decapitated

I can't decide if wearing this shirt or "I fuck on first date" will get you laid faster.

4. RIOT - Narita

I know this album predates Photoshop, but what the fuck!?! You couldn't get the sumo wrestler to sign a release so you had to cover his face with a seal? At least they had the decency to cover his package too.

3. PUNGENT STENCH - Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats

Virtually every Pungent Stench album was very anti-sexy, this shows the same album cover, but in 4 different versions. I had the bottom left on a cassette. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up and saw those titties inside.

2. MANOWAR - Anthology

Like I said, this blog is family-friendly, so I did you all a favour and I covered up all that pornography on this super UNsexy, but now at least censored cover.

1. SODOM - Til Death Do Us Unite

Viewing pictures of nude pregnant women is a fetish for some, but adding a naked sumo wrestler and a skull to the shot has got to make your bone softer than the latest Stryper album.

Mustaine makes an epic cameo on Drew Carey Show

<< Weekend Rewind >>

From the days when Mustaine had a sense of humour and music was of the highest priority for him.
Oh, I missed those days.

According to Kirk, Lars would make a great vampire

Kirk Hammet is doing a lot of interviews to promote his new book, "Too Much Horror Business - The Kirk Hammett Collection". When asked by Guitar World which monster would each member of Metallica be if Kirk was to make a horror movie about the band, he replied: I would be a vampire, because they're stealth, lurk in the shadows, and appear and disappear. There's also a goth element to vampires that I really like, which doesn't exist in werewolves, the Frankenstein monster or the mummy. James [Hetfield] would probably enjoy being a Frankenstein monster…but then again maybe not! Rob [Trujillo] would definitely be a werewolf, because he's already halfway there in appearance. [laughs] And Lars [Ulrich] would probably make a pretty good vampire, like myself.

OK, cue in an comments about Lars and sucking you want. I will spare you.

(Source: Blabbermouth)

Dec 21, 2012

Swedish man gets disability benefits for his metal addiction

According to Global Post, Roger Tullgren, 42, a heavily tattooed metalhead who works as a dishwasher in southern Sweden, said he consulted three psychologists to receive statements testifying to the extent of his heavy metal music dependency, reports the Local, a Swedish news website.

“I have been trying for 10 years to get this classified as a handicap,” he told the Local.

"I spoke to three psychologists and they finally agreed that I needed this to avoid being discriminated against."

Tullgren said his heavy metal addiction caused him to attend nearly 300 concerts last year that left him unable to hold down a job, and forced to go on welfare.

His new part-time job as a dishwasher at a restaurant in the city of Hassleholm will be supplemented by disability benefits.

"I signed a form saying: 'Roger feels compelled to show his heavy metal style. This puts him in a difficult situation on the labor market. Therefore he needs extra financial help'. So now I can turn up at a job interview dressed in my normal clothes and just hand the interviewers this piece of paper," Tullgren said.

Tullgren’s new boss has agreed to give him time off to see concerts, and lets him dress how he wants and play heavy metal music while washing dishes, provided it is not too loud when there are guests at the restaurant.

Tullgren said he got hooked on heavy metal at age 2 when his older brother came home with a Black Sabbath album.

This guy has either cheated the system or he makes us all look retarded. Either way, I wish we lived in a more understanding society. Free tickets to shows AND I get to play my music at work AND nobody gets to bitch? Are you kidding me? One way ticket to Sweden, please?

This 12-year-old is more metal than you! WAY MORE!

OK, I don't know you, but I can say with absolute certainty that when you were 12 years old, compared to this boy, you knew very little about metal.

In this video, the kid (Elliot Paisley) reviews his top 5 Nuclear Blast albums of 2012 and I must admit, he is not far off my own picks. The boy is not only extremely intelligent and articulate, but he also has a great taste in music.

The section on metalcore and djent was spot on.
He is capable of dissecting musical entities quite well, and he will eventually get there with his sarcasm and cynicism. I hope.

Dec 20, 2012

Tesla coil guitar suit

What you're about to hear will convincingly sound like a guitar, but it is not.
It's the electricity coming off of the coils. The frequency of the electrical charge is the same as the musical note on the guitar.

Gui­tar play­er is using an iron gui­tar in a fara­day cage Ar­cAt­tack test­ing out the world's first light­ing-proof MIDI gui­tar in their ware­house in Austin, Texas. The MIDI sig­nal from the gui­tar is rout­ed through a fiber optic cable to con­trol the Tesla coils.

Of course the only song that naturally makes sense here is "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath.

(Thanks Todd)

Dec 19, 2012

Singer pedophile caught with a one-year old

That is so fuckin' gross. Even Michael Jackson would have passed on a kid that young.

Ian Watkins, a 35-yead old lead singer of a generic British pop metal band Lostprophets, could be nailing high caliber groupies, since the band is fairly well known and has sold over 3 million albums worldwide, but instead he chose to diddle a one-year old.

The dude is charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a one-year-old girl and possession/distribution of indecent images of children.

Senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Peter Doyle said: "Specially trained staff are available to speak to anyone with concerns or information regarding this investigation and a dedicated telephone number has been set up."

If the accusations are true, I hope the dumb fuck rots in jail and surely Baba will widen his mouth appropriately.

Fuck Mayans! Metalheads predicted the apocalypse

You know, I could just go on and on and on. 
The page would never stop scrolling.

But in the end you know that...

Dee Snider to be roasted

Revolver and Guitar World are proud to announce the second annual Rock & Roll Roast comedy series with honoree Dee Snider, lead singer of the legendary 1980s rock band Twisted Sister.

The event will take place during the opening night of 2013 NAMM show at The Grove in Anaheim, California on Thursday, January 24, 2013 and will air live on AXS TV at midnight ET / 9 p.m. PT; a portion of all proceeds will benefit MusiCares, a nonprofit organization of The Recording Academy that provides emergency financial assistance and addiction recovery resources to music people in need.

Roastmaster Penn Jillette and other metal-loving luminaries such as last year's honoree Zakk Wylde (see video below), Anthrax's Scott Ian, Lita Ford, WWE legend Mick Foley and "That Metal Show" host Eddie Trunk, as well as comedy and roast veterans Jim Norton, Craig Gass, Jim Florentine and more will all take aim at the Twisted Sister frontman and reality TV icon, best known for his outspoken personality, his golden locks and his appearances on "The Celebrity Apprentice". Jose Mangin (of SiriusXM and "Headbangers Ball" fame) will also be on hand to serve as the evening's official DJ.

Roastee Snider commented: "Roasters remember: P.A.M.F. Payback's A Mutha Fucker!" Rock & Roll Roast executive producer Josh Bernstein added, "They say you only roast the ones you love, but with Dee Snider, we’ll be making an exception."

Highlights will naturally air right here at True Metalhead.

Check out Jim Norton roasting Zakk Wylde during the inaugural Rock & Roll Roast.
Highlights include him turning to Scott Ian and saying "You look like Ben Kingsley eating a racoon" and telling Zakk that "...getting kicked out of Ozzy's band is like getting thrown out of Hitler's house for too many Jew jokes".

(Source: Blabbermouth)

Dec 18, 2012

Angry Grandpa's Christmas ruined by metal

Haha, this guy kills me!
Actually both, the grandpa and the dude who keeps pulling pranks on him.

!!!!!SPOILERS!!!! (Skip to video if you don't want me to ruin your surprise)

Grandpa is up early in the morning and is enjoying coffee with some "Frosty the Snowman" when all of the sudden System of a Down spoils the song and grandpa burns his balls with a hot coffee.

Former Bury Your Dead guitarist sentenced to 20 years

According to Blabbermouth, former Bury Your Dead guitarist Eric Ellis was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison after being convicted of conspiracy and violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act as a member of a violent Jacksonville, Florida gang.

According to court documents, inspired by the television show "Sons of Anarchy", Maynard Kenneth Godwin (33, Jacksonville) formed his own gang and called it the Guardians. Ellis, 28, and Jonathan Hart (31, Jacksonville) were associates of the Guardians. The gang committed a series of violent felonies and crimes, including an extortion that left one man nearly dead; the choking of a young woman until she passed out; armed bank robberies; armed home invasions; daily cocaine and opiate sales; and theft of thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise from local stores. Arrests were made in November 2010 when an investigation revealed that the gang was preparing to commit additional home invasion robberies. The robberies committed by the Guardians resulted in the loss of almost $2 million to their victims.

Ellis was a member of Bury Your Dead from 2004 until August 2008, when he left the band for "medical reasons" and due to "personality differences."

Grumpy Cat meme is now a Black Metal tattoo

It was only a matter of time, after several poses with Immortal, the Grumpy Cat found a home on somebody's leg.

(Posted on Metal Injection)

Dec 17, 2012

Marilyn Manson needed 24 stitches after a dangerous fight

Marilyn Manson is quickly becoming a Bret Michaels of Attention Whores.
His attempts to bring focus to his-once-well-covered-in-the-news-self are failing miserably.

While on his recent trip in Europe, he has karaokied his ass off in a Swedish bar while nobody even noticed him and now he claims he was in a "dangerous" fight and needed 24 stitches to save his ear.

His ear portrayed in the tweets below looks like it might have been a victim of a cut during shaving, not requiring 24 stitches.

Sepultura beer

Iron Maiden, Motorhead, even Impaled Nazarene have their own brands of alcoholic beverages. So why not Sepultura? Although it would be cool if there was a funeral parlour called Sepultura.
I'm really surprised Tankard doesn't have their own beer yet.

Nergal meets his donor for the first time on Polish TV

Two years after the bone marrow procedure that saved his life, Adam Darski (Nergal) met the donor.
Nergal has expressed his willingness to meet the person, but because of strict regulations, that was not possible until today (Monday, Dec 17)

"Thank you for my life" - said Nergal to 25-year old Grzegorz Kajto at a gathering in Sopot in northern Poland. Before Nergal met his donor, he watched a short film in which Grzegorz claims he didn't know who was the recipent, but he was eager to help out nonetheless.
Both men hugged each other and Nergal asked whether Grzegorz had any siblings to which Kajto replied "I do now".

Nergal went on to say that he is a living proof that making a life saving donation like this is a worthy cause. Kajto added that the procedure was quick and painless.

Check out the link to the article in TVN24 and watch the videos. (In Polish)

Dec 16, 2012

TrueMetalhead's Top 10 of 2012

Get ready for the most messed up (read: diverse) Top 10 of 2012 list you've ever witnessed.

10. Overkill - Age of Electric

Overkill ages better than the finest wine. I'm surprised how many musical references to Kill'Em All I found here. While some bands of the same vintage, which I won't mention, (opps, I technically just did) have managed to cut their ties to real fans and roots, Overkill chugs along producing one amazing album after another, while certainly earning the spot in the REAL Big 4. The Electric Age is a fantastically produced thrash that will mosh your face off.


9. Fear Factory - The Industrialist

I was expecting more from "The Industrialist", after a promising return of Dino in "Mechanize". While highly mechanical, the new album has some killer vintage FF riffs, but it runs out of steam after only three songs. Absence of real drums wasn't a big deal, but the inclusion of half-baked songs and some throw away instrumentals was rather disappointing. Still, the amazing vintage machine managed to squeeze out a few classics and managed to become the last mp3 album I ever bought before the switch to streaming music.

8. Nile - At the Gate of Sethu

Another epic scorcher from the Egyptian tomb raiders. Aside from some very unusual and sometimes odd vocal parts, the latest Nile album does not disappoint. In typical fashion, the trio destroys everything in it's path. At the Gate of Sethu" delivers typical dose of epicness while giving an extensive tech death lesson with undeniable skills. As long as George, Dallas and Karl continue to roll out the papyrus and write new shit, they'll likely continue to stay as my friends.

7. Accept - Stalingrad

Not of the same caliber as "Blood of the Nation", but certainly made from the same high strength steel, "Stalingrad" continues in vain of it's predecessor, clearly demonstrating that Wolf Hoffman called it quits prematurely back in late 90s. He still writes great riffs and has a lot to offer and I have a feeling that despite what he says, the band’s success does not sit well with Udo Dirschneider, especially that the album was released on Udo's 60th birthday. Ouch!

6. Gojira - L’Enfant Sauvage

Easily the most versatile metal album in my line up. Few bands are able to not only combine tech and prog so well, but to seemingly make that connection so natural. Album lives up to the predecessors and was worth the wait. This is for people with finer tastes in music and Gojira’s groove death with a pinch of finesse metal, which is French for "fantastic" is a recipe for success. 

5. Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud

One of the most prolific songwriters on earth, Devin Townsend delivers his 15th studio album, and as with any of his countless incarnations, pretty much anything goes, since he has a shelf for any of his endeavours. This time we get experimental, new age prog. From the first gospel choir through every pop beat to the last double bass kick, this album is the ultimate in Epicness (thus the name - duh)! This album defies logic; how is it possible that it made so many Top Lists of 2012? You'll just have to listen to it. Look in a dictionary under 'epic' - you'll probably find entire library of Devin's creations. 

4. Cannibal Corpse - Torture

Some bands mature, some bloom and wither away, some reach a certain level and are afraid to make a slight string bend, as to not encourage mass exodus of fans. Seems like Cannibal Corpse has yet to reach a peak. "Torture" is as savagely brutal as ever, but it also occasionally offers technical flair in some spots (The Strangulation Chair). Erik Rutan did a much better job producing "Torture" that "Evisceration Plaque". I can never get tired of Cannibal Corpse. 

3. In Mourning - The Weight of Oceans

The third album by In Mourning is a slight departure stylistically. This band never shied away from experimenting, which is why they are so highly thought of around here. "The Weight of the Oceans" is cleaner, slower and a bit more approachable, but the beast stays in the dark none the less. Open minded fans of Opeth will find plenty to feast on here, but In Mourning doesn't want to draw parallels to the Swedish giants. They certainly have embraced their own approach to progressive death metal. 

2. Enslaved - RIITIIR

No two Enslaved albums are alike, and yet there has never been a bad release from these Norwegian innovators. Incredible combination of guttural sickness and melodic, mesmerizing vocals intensifies overall feeling of a masterpiece here, especially with the amount of creative experimentation that went into the making of this unique and atmospheric album. Wish it never ended. It is a prog metal paradise. It's good to know there is an open and understanding audience for such artistry these day. This music would have been lost on most people decades ago. 

1. Kreator - Phantom Antichrist

I seriously doubt this was technically the best album of 2012. I have no doubt most of my top 10 had been better efforts creatively, but I simply fell in love with the new Kreator from the very first time I heard it. Not only is this their Lucky 13th studio album, but perhaps the finest in their discography. Easily matching Enemy of God and their ambitious early classic Pleasure to Kill. Can't remember the last time I was so impressed with a thrash album and this year was a banner year, as thrash metal acts released some killer music, including the new Testament and Overkill. Mille Petrozza is not the best guitar player out there, but like a fine wife, he gets better with age and his compositions outclass all of The Big 4's efforts by a long stretch. 

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