Dec 14, 2011

Slayer Doctor Saves

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman has detailed his near-death experience earlier this year in a gripping new interview.
He explained how he was relaxing in a hot tub when painless spider bite quickly turned into a deadly degenerative skin disease.
"Didn't even feel it", he told Classic Rock (via Blabbermouth). "But an hour later, I knew that I was ill."

It wasn't long before he could see his own flesh rotting while on the way to the hospital. "The arm was real hot. I got to the emergency room, and thank god the nurse knew straight away what it was. By chance, although it's pretty rare, she had seen a case a little while before. At that point, I was an hour away from death."
It transpired that Hanneman had necrotizing fasciitis (try saying that 5 times in a row), a rare but very severe type of bacterial infection that can destroy the muscles, skin, and underlying tissue.
"Unbelievably, the doctor was a Slayer fan", said Hanneman. "First thing he said to me was: 'First I am going to save your life. Then I am going to save your arm. Then I am going to save your career'".
After emergency surgery and two months of skin grafts and treatment, the risk was over - but his therapy was only beginning.
"I had to learn to walk again," Hanneman says: "I hadn't stood up for a month, apart from anything else. The skin grafts were very painful and all the muscles and tendons in the arm where very weak. That was ok though. I count myself lucky that the nurse and doctor knew right away what had happened to me, because things could have been a whole lot worse."

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