Dec 19, 2011

Satch a Comic Book Hero

Joe Satriani is going to debut as a comic book hero. He will be part of the second volume of the comic book "Eternal Descent", appearing as a "cryptic entity" with supreme powers.

The storyline involves music. Upon making the ultimate sacrifice, the character Sirian finds himself caught lost in time and space as strange beautiful music ("Strange Beautiful Music" is a Satriani album title) resonates throughout the cosmos, heralding the arrival of Joe Satriani. He saves the day, of course. Eternal Descent is a "virtual band" in the comic book, and Static X and God Forbid have previously appeared.

"I reached out to Joe directly with a taster of previous 'Eternal Descent' collaborations and some ideas for incorporating his musical heritage into the world of comics," says writer Llexi Leon. "I was blown away when he responded a few days later, all the paperwork signed and his own ideas noted down along with the answers to some questions I had raised."

There will be four different covers of the comic, each re-imagining of a Satriani album with an "Eternal Descent" twist. The albums featured are "Not Of This Earth", "Crystal Planet", "The Extremist" and "Time Machine".

Thanks for the report to Michael Leonard,

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