Dec 9, 2011

Is this the worst vid of 2011?

"The King That Never Was", the new video from Cleveland metallers ALTERNATE REALITY, has racked up more than half a million views on YouTube after being named "The Most Epically Awful Video Of 2011" by Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo! Music's "Video Ga Ga" music blog. 

Parker writes: "Do not attempt to adjust your computer monitor. Do not assume that the video you are about to see is the result of some egg-nog-induced fog. Deluded Cleveland metal band ALTERNATE REALITY really did shoot an ambitious video about, according to lead singer Steve Delchin, 'the legend of King Arthur and his quest for the Kingdom of Metal.' The result is a video not even the most diehard Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast or Comic-Con season-pass-holder could appreciate or sit through more than once. Actually, if this video were intended to be ironic, we would say it was the most genius video of all time. Ditto if it were a video by SPINAL TAP, TENACIOUS D, or Bill & Ted's WYLD STALLYNS. But sadly, it seems like these not-so-shining-armored guys' tongues were nowhere near the vicinity of their cheeks when they filmed this video atrocity. Apparently they really do live in an alternate reality in which dressing up like Mickey Mouse from Fantasia and engaging in Camelot swordfights is the epitome of cool. Obviously, this is not a reality in which any sane person would choose to live."

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