Dec 15, 2011

Did Dream Theater rip off a Christian Metal band?

A registered user of has pointed out that alleged similarities between an opening song on "Until We Have Faces", the third full-length studio album from American Christian rock band RED, and "Build Me Up, Break Me Down", a track from the latest DREAM THEATER CD, "A Dramatic Turn Of Events".

"Until We Have Faces" was released this past February and was selected by DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci as his favorite album of 2011. The musician, who is responsible for the bulk of the songwriting in DREAM THEATER, told the Roadrunner Records web site, "I just love everything about the RED album. The songwriting, playing and production are all stellar!"

Or could this just be the curse of Mike Portnoy? Apparently after a link to Petrucci's list of top albums of 2011 was posted on the official forum of former DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy, Portnoy took it upon himself to comment, "Check out the first song on [John Petrucci's] fave album of the year.... WOW, the arrangement and orchestration sounds awfully familiar!! Surely it must be an intentional 'nugget' for the fans... It couldn't possibly be blatant formula plagiarism, now could it...?? I just have to laugh..."

You be the judge, are these songs too familiar and we could possibly smell a plagiarism case a'la Satriani vs Coldplay or is this all a coincidence?

RED's "Feed the Machine": (skip the first two minutes because of a lengthy intro)

DREAM THEATER's "Build Me Up, Break Me Down":

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