Dec 22, 2011

Black Metal jeans for hipsters

From burning churches to burning holes in your pocket, true norwegian blackmetallers are as unpredictable as Fenriz's CD collection of german House and Techno muzik, so this should not come as a big shocker.

Only a hipster could afford the newest fashion statement from the depths of the Norwegian Forest.
Norwegian black metallers 1349 have worked with Anti Denim designer Karoline Bakken Lund to create exclusive handmade denim jeans as part of the Custom Made collection. The jeans are available through Anti Denim's online store. The jeans are sold numbered and each comes with a signed autograph from 1349. Prices start at 4666 NOK or 590 euros.
 Yup, 590 euros roughly equals to $770 US. That's more than my first car and guitar combined!
They should have rounded that up to 666 euros, don't you think?

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