Dec 29, 2011

FREEBIE! - Fuck The Facts compilation

Canadian grindcore act, Fuck the Facts are celebrating 10 years with a free compilation album of their "Best Of".
You can download the album for free here or you can donate anything you like for the download.
Hurry up, free offer ends January 1st, 2012.

The track listing for "10 Fucking Years" is as follows:
1. Lifeless

2. Wake

3. Everyone Is Robbing The Dead

4. Kelowna
5. The Sound Of Your Smashed Head

6. Dear Shit Book

7. No One Remembered Who Started

8. Born To Kill Live To Thrill

9. Greed Whore
10. Don't Call My Slammin' Outfit Cool, Whitebread!

Dec 28, 2011

Mopeds can be so gnarly

It's a Bird, it's a Plane… No, it's The Table on a Moped.

Hetfield was spotted confronting paparazzi while vacationing in Uruguay over Christmas.
Notice "STAR" on the rear fender? That's so coooool James!
I'd rather be caught looking at Justin Bieber's website than riding a scooter, and I guess so did The Table, because he threw rocks at the photographer, only to show off his girly rock throwing abilities.

Dec 24, 2011

Death Metal Catwoman strikes again

According to, Shana Spalding — the 29-year-old lead singer in the New York City-based death metal band DIVINE INFAMY (in which she performed under the stage name of Purgatory) — was convicted on December 13 of armed robbery charges from heists at two high-end New York City boutiques. She will be sentenced January 18, and faces a maximum of 15 years on the top armed robbery charge against her.

Spadling's crime spree drew attention because she was accused of being the so-called "cat woman robber" — a serial stick-up artist who donned clever disguises, including a cat mask, to rob boutiques around the city.

In June 24, 2010, Spalding reportedly held up Arche Shoes on Astor Place (see surveillance video below). The next day, she held up a Body Shop store in Astoria, while speaking in a fake Arabic accent and wearing a burka, reported the New York Post. She was caught two months later in a botched robbery as she fled another SoHo store on Greene St.

Dec 23, 2011

FREEBIE! - Nuclear Blast sampler

Nuclear Blast says thank you for an awesome year to their fans and friends, by offering a FREE download compilation, exclusively on their Facebook page. See the Tab FREE SAMPLER on the left!

01 Destruction - The Price
02 Hell - Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us
03 Demonaz - All Blackened Sky
04 Scar Symmetry - lluminoid Dream Sequence
05 Chrome Division - Bulldogs Unleashed
06 Hammerfall - One More Time
07 Pain - Dirty Woman
08 Rhapsody Of Fire - Aeons Of Raging Darkness (edit)
09 Symphony x - Dehumanized
10 Communic - Destroyer Of Bloodlines
11 Vader - Come And See My Sacrifice
12 Seven - Get It
13 Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Violation (edit)
14 Tasters - Please Destroy This World
15 Cipher sytem - Communicate The Storms
16 Anthrax - Fight'em Till You Can't
17 Biohazard - Vengeance Is Mine
18 Textures - Singularity
19 We Came As Romans - Mis/understanding
20 Threat Signal - Fallen Disciples
21 Texas In July - 1000 Lies
22 Graveworm - See No Future
23 Like Moths To Flames - You Won't Be Missed
24 Gotthard - Remember It's Me
25 Battle Beast - Enter The Metal World

Dec 22, 2011

Coolest Death Metal Animals






Black Metal jeans for hipsters

From burning churches to burning holes in your pocket, true norwegian blackmetallers are as unpredictable as Fenriz's CD collection of german House and Techno muzik, so this should not come as a big shocker.

Only a hipster could afford the newest fashion statement from the depths of the Norwegian Forest.
Norwegian black metallers 1349 have worked with Anti Denim designer Karoline Bakken Lund to create exclusive handmade denim jeans as part of the Custom Made collection. The jeans are available through Anti Denim's online store. The jeans are sold numbered and each comes with a signed autograph from 1349. Prices start at 4666 NOK or 590 euros.
 Yup, 590 euros roughly equals to $770 US. That's more than my first car and guitar combined!
They should have rounded that up to 666 euros, don't you think?

Xmas Cookies are so Metal \m/

Dec 21, 2011

Episode 2 - Psycho Santa

The sophomore episode of Metal Detector takes us on a musical journey of 2011 with tracks from Devin Townsend, Valknacht, Cradle of Filth, Vektor, Animals As Leaders, Opeth, Psycroptic, Dave Reffett and Gretchen Menn. The weapon of mass metal detection, Psychotron 2000 is used this time to figure out if a certain well-known Finnish symphonic band is still metal. Get ready to discover, step into an echo chamber to learn some trivia and enjoy free gifts from Psycho Santa.


Free Valknacht album "Chants de Guerre"

Free 17-track sampler from Peaceville

Free Beercan mp3 player

Cradle of Filth - "Lilith Immaculate"

Subscribe to the show on iTunes.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Psycho Santa - Xmas gift

(Be sure to substitute 7up with your favorite beer can)

1. Assemble the needed items. Find a can (such as a Coors or Budweiser. Europeans, you can insert a name of a real beer here) and, of course, your MP3 player––keep the earphones plugged in. Don't rinse out the can, you want to make sure that you retain the smell of beer. You'll also need something to pierce the can base with, such as a nail.

2. Pierce several holes in the bottom of the can with the nail. Make the holes mostly near the center of the can's base. Use a hammer to help make them if you don't have the strength to pierce the can.
Feed the earphones in through the top of the can.

3. Feed them through the hole where you drink from. If you want, they can be taped in place to prevent them from moving about but this is probably only needed if you're moving, such as in a car, or if you're doing 69. See how the earphones sit before taping.

4. Turn on the MP3 player at the other end of the earphones. Put on Episode 2 of Metal Detector and crank the volume up until it is loud enough to hear. It may take some volume adjusting to hear the sound well enough, but once you have the volume accurate, the sound should be clearly audible. Enjoy your new and unique mp3 player. Now, not only you look bitchin', but if you leave feedback on my iTunes, you will get a personal thank you from Psycho Santa.

Dec 20, 2011

Eddie's Evil Brew

Iron Maiden collectors can purchase "Iron Maiden Eddie's Evil Brew" direct from the band's official webshop. According to a product description, "You can have 'piece of mind' that this fine Chilean merlot tastes great on its own or with a very very rare steak! Comes in a wooden presentation box 'Iron Maiden Eddie's Evil Brew' printed on top sliding lid which would make a great gift."

IMPORTANT: Due to custom regulations, you can only purchase this Chilean merlot in Europe (does that make any sense?)

Check out the unboxing of the fourth vintage of "Iron Maiden Eddie's Evil Brew" wine, made by Sweden Rock Magazine correspondent Daniela Pilic below.

Beware of Satan

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) show "Ahmar bil Khat al Areed" ("The Bold Red Line") dedicated a recent episode to the connection between heavy metal and Satanism. You can now watch the entire program below.

Here at I can assure you that more than a decade of listening to metal assures that horns begin to grow on top of your head, after 20 years a tail pokes out of your ass and 30 years means that your voice begins to mutate into a three octave lower satanic growl. After you're exposed to metal for any greater length of time - you become Satan.

Hail Satan!

Mustaine believes in Santa?

Dave Mustaine has some very strong views about lack of God in schools and his resentment of Obama administration. He says that 2012 is going to be "really horrible" for America.

"Everything is pretty shitty right now," Mustaine said. "I think that we're headed for a lot of trouble. We've got an incredible debt, which is just continuing to get higher and higher. We need jobs right now, man. We don't need any more Washington deals, we need jobs. There are so many things wrong with this current administration."

Mustaine has a lot more faith in God than in his president, and senses an effort to control religion in schools.
"It's pretty clear that they're taking prayer out of school. It's been happening for a very long time," he said. "They're taking God out of the schools to dumb us down."
"It's not just in the schools," he adds. "There are a lot of people being persecuted for what they believe in. There was that girl who was fired from a Macy's in Texas because she didn't let some cross-dressing dude into the woman's dressing room. Come on! Are you out of your mind, Macy's?"

::::::: Sycco notes :::::::
Kali-Mah, Kali-Mah Dave, snap out of it!
You used to be cool. They replaced your drug addictions with god addictions.
You may have become dumb, let's not make our already not-so-smart children really stupid.
What's Santa getting you for Christmas Dave? You do believe in Santa Dave, don't you?

Dec 19, 2011

Satch a Comic Book Hero

Joe Satriani is going to debut as a comic book hero. He will be part of the second volume of the comic book "Eternal Descent", appearing as a "cryptic entity" with supreme powers.

The storyline involves music. Upon making the ultimate sacrifice, the character Sirian finds himself caught lost in time and space as strange beautiful music ("Strange Beautiful Music" is a Satriani album title) resonates throughout the cosmos, heralding the arrival of Joe Satriani. He saves the day, of course. Eternal Descent is a "virtual band" in the comic book, and Static X and God Forbid have previously appeared.

"I reached out to Joe directly with a taster of previous 'Eternal Descent' collaborations and some ideas for incorporating his musical heritage into the world of comics," says writer Llexi Leon. "I was blown away when he responded a few days later, all the paperwork signed and his own ideas noted down along with the answers to some questions I had raised."

There will be four different covers of the comic, each re-imagining of a Satriani album with an "Eternal Descent" twist. The albums featured are "Not Of This Earth", "Crystal Planet", "The Extremist" and "Time Machine".

Thanks for the report to Michael Leonard,

Dec 15, 2011

Did Dream Theater rip off a Christian Metal band?

A registered user of has pointed out that alleged similarities between an opening song on "Until We Have Faces", the third full-length studio album from American Christian rock band RED, and "Build Me Up, Break Me Down", a track from the latest DREAM THEATER CD, "A Dramatic Turn Of Events".

"Until We Have Faces" was released this past February and was selected by DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci as his favorite album of 2011. The musician, who is responsible for the bulk of the songwriting in DREAM THEATER, told the Roadrunner Records web site, "I just love everything about the RED album. The songwriting, playing and production are all stellar!"

Or could this just be the curse of Mike Portnoy? Apparently after a link to Petrucci's list of top albums of 2011 was posted on the official forum of former DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy, Portnoy took it upon himself to comment, "Check out the first song on [John Petrucci's] fave album of the year.... WOW, the arrangement and orchestration sounds awfully familiar!! Surely it must be an intentional 'nugget' for the fans... It couldn't possibly be blatant formula plagiarism, now could it...?? I just have to laugh..."

You be the judge, are these songs too familiar and we could possibly smell a plagiarism case a'la Satriani vs Coldplay or is this all a coincidence?

RED's "Feed the Machine": (skip the first two minutes because of a lengthy intro)

DREAM THEATER's "Build Me Up, Break Me Down":

The Louder - The Sweeter

Study has found that alcoholic drinks taste sweeter when loud music is playing.

The research at the University of Portsmouth in England showed that people drink more alcohol at a faster rate in environments where loud music is playing. While it might seem that the inability to talk over loud music might be an important factor, Dr Lorenzo Stafford showed that people perceive their drinks to taste different when the volume is high.

Stafford took 80 regular drinkers between the age of 18 and 28, and asked them to rate several drinks on their strength, sweetness and bitterness while music played in the background at different volumes. He says the drinkers rated their drinks as sweeter when the music was louder.
"Since humans have an innate preference for sweetness, these findings offer a plausible explanation as to why people consume more alcohol in noisy environments," he said. "It also has implications for bars, the drinks industry and local authorities."
He warned, "Although individuals might well expect to consume more alcohol in club type environments anyway, it is important they understand how environment can potentially influence over-consumption and act accordingly."

It could be that the perception of sweetness is more likely to happen to women, as 69 of the participants were female, though it seems correct to say that people drink faster when loud music is playing.

(Original post -

Serenity NOW!

Let Tom Araya’s legendary scream from “Angel of Death” sooth you or piss off your co-workers. He blasts at full volume to let others know you're chilling.

Click here to check out the Tom Araya Scream. It feels great if you have some aggression to burn.

Conceived by Metal Injection

Maiden not for Conservatives

According to the BBC News, a Conservative MP and music fan was not able to completely fulfil on his pledge to his Hove constituents to wear his IRON MAIDEN t-shirt in the House Of Commons.

Mike Weatherley said he had worn it in Westminster Hall, but added: "It's not allowed in the Commons, I asked the Speaker if he'd give me permission and he said no."

He was on the Daily Politics discussing the links between music and politics.

Check out the clip below:

If you think your life is hard...

According to the Jakarta Globe, police in Banda Aceh, the provincial capital and largest city in the province of Aceh, Indonesia, raided a punk rock concert Saturday (December 10), shaving the mohawks and stripping the punk-style garb from 64 concertgoers they detained because of the perceived threat to Islamic values. The arrestees were then taken to Aceh State Police School for "re-education."

Police chief Inspector General Iskandar Hasan described the punishment awaiting them when they reached the police school in the Seulawah hills, 62 kilometers east of he capital. "There will be a traditional ceremony," he said. "First their hair will be cut. Then they will be tossed into a pool. The women's hair we'll cut in the fashion of a female police officer. Then we'll teach them a lesson."

The police chief added that detainees' "disgusting" clothes will be replaced, and that they'll be given toothbrushes and shampoo and prayer gear. "I'll remind [police] not to breach human rights. We are oriented to educating our community, our nation. This is our country, too, right?"Hasan said.

Twenty-year-old punker, Fauzan, was quoted by the Associated Pressas saying, "Why? Why my hair?! We didn't hurt anyone. This is how we’ve chosen to express ourselves. Why are they treating us like criminals?"

Evi Narti Zain, executive director of the Aceh Human Rights Coalition, lambasted the authorities for their extreme actions.

"What is this education? The police's action is inconsistent because the punks did nothing wrong," Zain said. "

Punk music is their way of expressing themselves. It is normal and is found all around the world. It's their right to express their freedom. There's nothing wrong with punk kids."

Dec 14, 2011

Slayer Doctor Saves

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman has detailed his near-death experience earlier this year in a gripping new interview.
He explained how he was relaxing in a hot tub when painless spider bite quickly turned into a deadly degenerative skin disease.
"Didn't even feel it", he told Classic Rock (via Blabbermouth). "But an hour later, I knew that I was ill."

It wasn't long before he could see his own flesh rotting while on the way to the hospital. "The arm was real hot. I got to the emergency room, and thank god the nurse knew straight away what it was. By chance, although it's pretty rare, she had seen a case a little while before. At that point, I was an hour away from death."
It transpired that Hanneman had necrotizing fasciitis (try saying that 5 times in a row), a rare but very severe type of bacterial infection that can destroy the muscles, skin, and underlying tissue.
"Unbelievably, the doctor was a Slayer fan", said Hanneman. "First thing he said to me was: 'First I am going to save your life. Then I am going to save your arm. Then I am going to save your career'".
After emergency surgery and two months of skin grafts and treatment, the risk was over - but his therapy was only beginning.
"I had to learn to walk again," Hanneman says: "I hadn't stood up for a month, apart from anything else. The skin grafts were very painful and all the muscles and tendons in the arm where very weak. That was ok though. I count myself lucky that the nurse and doctor knew right away what had happened to me, because things could have been a whole lot worse."

Dec 12, 2011

Merrry Xxxmas

Los Angeles glam metal jokesters STEEL PANTHER have learned to celebrate the holidays in their own rockin' style, which includes — what else? — call girls and golden showers. So, naturally, they've melded the two in an X-rated version of the yuletide classic "The Twelve Days of Christmas", which the quartet sang a cappella before a recent gig in New Jersey.

How to play Air Guitar

Possibly the most influential instrument of our time, the air guitar has inspired millions to pick up metal, all without knowledge of how to play the instrument or even how to read music. It's the spirit that counts and air guitarists worldwide have a meaningful connection through the joy of strumming away at the imaginary guitar.

How to steps:

  1. Find the right sort of music.

    Find the right sort of music.
    I recommend that you try thrash metal or power metal (if you are going to do a lot of solos), also you can't go wrong with old school grindcore, as these tend to have the right pace, energy and rhythm needed for good air guitar playing. On the whole, most other metal styles are a lot harder to play air guitar to, doom metal being too slow, Prog too melancholy and Math just plain too complicated. Definitely stay away from Tech-Death, unless you like to practice a lot. Also skip deathcore or emo-type-core, unless you like cock.
  2. Pick an appropriate song and section.
    Pick an appropriate song and section.
    A guitar solo section is always the best place to play air guitar. The longer this section, the better, giving you a great chance to really get involved in the playing. Be sure to include some riffs. 
  3. Listen to the notes first.

    Listen to the notes first.
    Try to imagine that you are creating the sounds that you're hearing. Part of imitating is believing, visualizing yourself up there on stage being the center of attention as the crowd hollers for more, more, more!
    • When you play the music for the air guitar session, metal must be as loud as you (and those around you) can withstand. It's best that way!
  4. Get the stance right.
    Get the stance right.
    Spread your legs out wide, bend your knees a bit and put your right hand about level with your crotch. Hold the guitar in place––bend both arms between 75 and 90 degrees, one hand in front of your belt buckle. Your palm should face you at the appropriate fret spot that a real guitar player would play frets and have the other hand up in the air with the fingers spread, bent and pointing toward you. Corpse paint is not necessary when you practice, but when you go live, it is a must.
  5. Start strumming and fingering the 'frets'.
    Start strumming and fingering the 'frets'.
    Fingering A minor should be good for beginner air-guitarist. When playing, here are some things to bear in mind:
    • The higher the note, the lower your hand should be placed.
    • Don't put your strumming hand down too low, no real guitar player will play with the guitar down to their knees, except Fieldy from Korn or Dino from Fear Factory or perhaps Rob from Metallica (if you choose to play air bass).
    • Occasionally caress the imaginary neck of your guitar, running your hand up and down it as if it was your groupies nipples.
    • Get moving! This isn't just about shifting your fingers and arms around. Get the whole body involved. Bend those knees, lift those legs, jump up and down now and then. Learn how to windmill and headbang without looking down at the strings. Jerky movements and slides across the "stage" are great additions too. Don't try to hide the cucumber in your pants.
      • If you want to be really cool, try some Jimi Hendrix style moves with your air guitar; behind your head, playing with teeth, doing spins and moves like that. You could even smash your guitar up at the end and the clean up is easy, and the replacement guitar won't cost a lot.
  6. Add some singing.
    Add some singing.
    While performing your exaggerated strumming motion, accompany this with loud singing or lip-syncing. This step is optional; you don't have to be a singing guitar player and you might not find a suitable combination of music with energetic singing. However, if you do love the lyrics, this can really help get you into the spirit.
    • Loud "woo's" are considered mandatory by some air guitar players, and so are facial movements reminiscent of looking like you're about to ejaculate.
  7. Grab a buddy.
    Grab a buddy.
    It's fun alone and twice the fun with someone else. Get an air buddy willing to jam with you. Maybe they can join in on bass? You will look much less ridiculous and others might even join in. In fact, the more the merrier. Let it rock!
  8. Finish with a bow.
    Finish with a bow.
    Finish with a bow. Your audience will applaud.
  9. Groupie action (photo not shown).
    After the show, be sure to use couch cushions to pretend you're nailing your imaginary groupie.

Dec 10, 2011

Motörhead Vödka - blessed by Lemmy

Motörhead Vödka is a new premium vodka made from 100% locally grown wheat that has been distilled and bottled in the small market town of Malmköping, Sweden. It has a rich, full bodied and complex character, with a light and fruity aftertaste. A touch of barley gives the vodka a rounded and mellow grain character. Its distinctive taste is further enhanced by the unique locally sourced water, which has been naturally filtered for thousands of years in a ridge in Malmköping. It’s an easy-drinking vodka, that can be enjoyed both with and without ice.

Article number: 86365
Price: 393 SEK (approx.. $60 US)
Producer: Malmköpings Nya Spritbolag AB
Distributor: Grapes Svenska AB
Alcohol by volume: 40% vol

Order from Systembolaget (within Sweden), with more countries to follow soon.

For more information, visit

Dec 9, 2011

Is this the worst vid of 2011?

"The King That Never Was", the new video from Cleveland metallers ALTERNATE REALITY, has racked up more than half a million views on YouTube after being named "The Most Epically Awful Video Of 2011" by Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo! Music's "Video Ga Ga" music blog. 

Parker writes: "Do not attempt to adjust your computer monitor. Do not assume that the video you are about to see is the result of some egg-nog-induced fog. Deluded Cleveland metal band ALTERNATE REALITY really did shoot an ambitious video about, according to lead singer Steve Delchin, 'the legend of King Arthur and his quest for the Kingdom of Metal.' The result is a video not even the most diehard Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast or Comic-Con season-pass-holder could appreciate or sit through more than once. Actually, if this video were intended to be ironic, we would say it was the most genius video of all time. Ditto if it were a video by SPINAL TAP, TENACIOUS D, or Bill & Ted's WYLD STALLYNS. But sadly, it seems like these not-so-shining-armored guys' tongues were nowhere near the vicinity of their cheeks when they filmed this video atrocity. Apparently they really do live in an alternate reality in which dressing up like Mickey Mouse from Fantasia and engaging in Camelot swordfights is the epitome of cool. Obviously, this is not a reality in which any sane person would choose to live."

Hetfield is officially a Table

James Hetfield is officially a table, according to his Wikipedia entry as seen in the image below.
Hetfield revealed his true identity as a piece of wooden furniture when he proclaimed "I am the table" in "The View." It was the first song to be unveiled from a Metallica collaboration with Lou Reed.
While the song itself was poorly received, many listeners were inspired to come out of the closet and make their own claim to being a table, including several from the UG community. It is believed that these tables found it easier to admit their identity after Hetfield's public confession - truly an "I Am Spartacus" moment.

During the same song, Hetfield also attempted to say he was "the aggressor" and "the root." It would now seem these were inaccurate, and may have been included to help disguise that he is a surface constructed from wood.
According to Loudwire, James "The Table" Hetfield also appears as a Wikipedia search result if you start to search the word "table".

It is unclear whether Hetfield was produced as part of a collection of tables, or is a one-off creation. It has been rumored that his guitar is carved from an evil twin table, or that Hetfield himself was the evil twin.

Another rumor suggests that Hetfield is instead a regular human, and that his Wikipedia entry was edited as part of a joke. However, Wikipedia is increasingly credited as being a reliable source of information, and a 2005 study found it to be almost as accurate as a print copy of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Dec 8, 2011

Finally a puzzle game for bangers

From independent developer Byteberry, in collaboration with Nuclear Blast, comes a highly unique jigsaw puzzle game, Action Puzzle, in which players are challenged with solving video clip puzzles in a highly unique heavy metal inspired environment.

In Action Puzzle (Metal), compatible with the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, and the Apple iPad, players have fun solving video puzzles by putting the individual jigsaw video-pieces together. By playing the game, watching the videos, and listening to legendary metal tracks, Action Puzzle offers players a fun and unique experience including no less than 13 insane video puzzles by 11 classic heavy metal bands of all time.

Action Puzzle has three epic modes of play — Classic, Squares and Challenge — and features a built-in audio player supporting multitasking, enabling players to listen to metal tracks as the game runs in the background. The game also supports the headset’s remote control functions. Additionally, Action Puzzle has a built-in video player making it possible to watch any and all video-clips at convenience, and with intuitive controls, a slick interface, not to mention stunning visuals; this game has plenty to offer. And last but not least, Action Puzzle has 8 unique puzzle shapes, 5 levels of difficulty, and an astonishing 24 awesome and stunning wallpapers to collect (with codes gathered online).

Action Puzzle (Metal) is available from the App Store at this location.

Dec 5, 2011

Don't get Ozzy's gibberish? There's an app for that

According to, a new phone app has been created to help people understand the infamous Brummie accent (a colloquial term for the inhabitants, accent and dialect of Birmingham, England), which legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne is notorious for having.

The iBrummie app translates sayings from the famous second city twang into the Queen's English and says them out loud.

Manchester company Athernet came up with the idea after enjoying stunning success in Wigan, Lancashire, with iWiganese.

iBrummie will be available for free download on iPhones and Android phones on December 19.

In a 2003 episode of Ozzy and his family's smash MTV reality series"The Osbournes", the vocalist famously had problems with his then-new car, as the voice recognition system couldn't understand a word he said.

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