Nov 28, 2011

Episode 1 - The Outcast of Metal

Metal Detector kicks off its existence and hits the ground running.
True Metalhead wants you to join him as he leaves no stone unturned and no topic is (will) ever be taboo.
You want the truth? Join Metal Detector as he discovers the truest
metal with stories and music to back its mission to defend metal and
celebrate its existence without having to mask his opinion as
subjective for fear of being rejected. While you listen to music from
Esoteric, Black Sabbath, In Flames, Venom, Vader, Blotted Science, and
Incarnia I hope you will instantly make a long lasting connection with
the True Metalhead represented here by Dario Sycco. Either way, check
out Metal Detector's first cast with a visit from the legendary Tony
Iommi, a chat about the truth behind the not-so-Metal-Lica, metal
trivia, and ton of hard-hitting, in-your-face music and much more.

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