Nov 29, 2011

AC/DC fans boycott Walmart

According to The Pulse Of Radio, some AC/DC fans are apparently upset that the band's signature tune "Back In Black" is being used in Walmart commercials (see video below).

A number of fans commented on the matter online, with one saying, "Broke my fucking heart". Another fan wrote, "Shame on AC/DC for allowing Walmart to use their song. Shame."

AC/DC fans are known for their FM Radio Rock mentality (FMRRM), so these reactions should really come as no surprise. Their last album, (2008's) 'Black Ice', was a Walmart exclusive, so, they're basically tied contractually to the brand with the dog's asshole in the logo. What will you upset AC/DC fans do? Stop shopping at Walmart? Stop watching hollywood movies because there are AC/DC songs played in the background? Get a life and listen to somebody else's music for a change? Just as I thought, the answer to all is "no".

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