Oct 19, 2014

Interview with Shitfaced Phil Anselmo

Jul 2, 2014

Metal Construction

Constrictive Deconstruction.

May 28, 2014

Homer Simpson Does Not Blame Satan

May 11, 2014

Aw shit! That annoying dude who sucked is dead!

I wish I could say it started back in 1982 when I first heard Sabbath, Maiden and Priest, but in reality I introduced Dario Sycco to this world in fall of 2006 with a string of podcasting hits and misses, few metal-powered websites and not much else. It was always meant to be pronounced Cycle not Psycho, but since I had to make a stage name on the spot, I had little time and even less imagination at the given moment.

I enjoyed some of the last 8 years hiding behind Sycco, but most of it was forgettable, regrettable and wasteful. I am glad I met few great metalheads, got a chance to interview some of my idols, but sadly I can no longer dedicate any time to True Metalhead's blog, my past spoken words or anything else Sycco-related.

I am glad that few of the podcasts I started are still going strong, I will stay true to the music I fell in love with over 30 years ago, as I love discovering new metal bands, new music and new faces of metal, but I will not be involved with any of the behind scenes anymore.
I have a bunch of posts I started many months ago and might publish some of those in the future, and will also maintain True Metalhead's Facebook page for a while, but regular blogging, podcasting, facebooking and pissing people off is over.

Hailz and cheerz
- True Metalhead

Apr 22, 2014

Dude From Faster Pussycat Bangs Head on Floor and Drums Because Drunk

It's only Rock'n' Roll. Until somebody gets hurt, pukes or in case of Faster Pussycat's bassist, Danny Nordahl, falls backwards and bangs his head on the bass drum and gets escorted off stage.
All in the day's (or minute's) work in a life of a rock-and-rolleer.

By the war that's likely the first time you saw Faster Pussycat in the news in about 20 years, right?

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